Sunday, 9 May 2010

The first post


Welcome to All Wound Up. This blog will hopefully become a record of the books I read over the coming weeks, months and possibly years, and of my thoughts on these books.

I love books, and I'm coming to the end of an undergrad degree in English Literature, and have (out of necessity) developed a taste for thinking quite a lot about the books I read. I didn't want to get out of the habit, and decided I might as well share my thoughts with other people, and invite other people to share theirs. So it will hopefully be a great big unrestrained literary thought-sharing extravaganza. Well maybe not, but if you want to comment with your own ideas, I'd love to read them.

These posts will not exactly be reviews of the books I read, just thoughts on them, guided by what I have learned during my degree. I will try and avoid terrible spoilers, but if you like to know nothing at all about a book before you read it, only read posts about books you have read or don't intend to.

Thank you for showing an interest in my blog, "and now it's all wound up, we can begin."

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